What is CHI

This is a very complex concept and is quite hard to explain. Vital force forming any living entity, that is CHI. It gives us the energy flow, the life itself. When CHI weakens, we feel weak as well. Maybe even depressed. Everything stresses us out. We go to bed tired, can’t fall asleep and wake up even more exhausted. Thinking that we just can’t wait to go back to bed in the evening. Nothing pleases us. That could be caused by the lack of your life energy – CHI. It might not always be so easy to recharge it. There is special exercise to do so, also potential repositioning of your furniture in your house can help. You can also do so by meditating or during the energetical massage. But you don’t need to book specifically for the energy healing. Even during a relaxation massage you will be able to unwind and regain the necessary force. 

If you don’t feel any improvement, there might be deeper blockage of the energy that would require longer healing or further discussion. There are other ways how to unblock your stuffed energy, for example hypnosis or anal and vaginal mapping. Very important for rebalancing and cultivating CHI is a practice called chigong. During this practice the emphasize is on breathing. It involves coordinated breathing, movement, and awareness.