What do you guys call a perfect bliss? CHIco’s 3 hour of sensual Lomi-Lomi!

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage is a type of a massage that you can get in some studios. There are even some places that specialize only for this type of a massage. But it is very rare to get this one in sensual version. Typically that would be offered rather in a longer version as no one wants to be rushing during this massage. Recommended length is minimum 2 hours. However, can be performed also in shorter versions as well as longer ones. The real paradise is when you go for the sensual upgrade and take 3 hours. And guess what, you can do this even in the 4hand version!

 3 hours of 4hand sensual Lomi-Lomi is not something you would do every week. But to experience this once in a life-time is a must for everyone. And believe me, once you try this for the first time, you will want to come the next week back anyway.

Performed by a male and a female at the same time you feel the balance of the energies. Both him and her are very well-coordinated as they have worked together for a long time. Yin and Yang incorporating in every move, every touch is absolutely perfect harmonizing every inch in your body. You will feel happy. You will feel blessed. You will feel the power. You will feel amazing! Satisfaction guaranteed