Training package

If massage is something that has always interested you, you will be glad to know that there are tons of massage schools all over the world. Some of them are of a good quality, some of them not that much. They all share one characteristic – they take very long, require huge effort and money to go through the course. Even a basic course will cost you a little fortune as you do need to learn a lot about the body. However, there are even a few massage studios that offer a massage training package as an insight into what is massage about. You learn the basics about oils, massage practice and the massage itself. With a possibility of different upgrades and options depending on what your specific requirements are. Take a look onto the website or or check out the FB page Massage Hobart to learn more. Chico offers in his Training package different versions, for some you can be alone with the masseur, some of them include 3 people-you as a student, the masseur as a teacher and a model. If you are in 3 people, you can again choose the level of your participation. You can either only watch and learn or massage the model as well. All up to you and tailored just to your taste.