Nothing better than a proper deep tissue!

Deep tissue massage is a great relief for aching muscles. It might surprise you that not only relaxation massage can be used to release from stress. Also deep tissue massage is good for easing of your mind as well as helping your sore body. During a Swedish (relaxation) massage the masseur usually massages using long slow strokes and the movements are much more gentle. A relaxation massage might also include a greater focus on face and hands or feet. When you go for a deep tissue massage, you can expect a stronger intensity as well as applying pressure on certain spots. Your massage therapist will work mostly on the areas that are indicated by you to be problematic. The massage is generally faster in pace and harder. However, you can always tell your masseur to ease up (as well as you can tell him to go harder during a relaxation massage). A deep tissue massage can be sometimes also a bit painful in short period but will pay off in long term. That pain will usually be only for the first session or two and will disappear as you go for your next sessions. If you keep getting your massage regularly, this will greatly improve your current condition whether that is painful lower or upper back, headache, tiredness, depressions, heart conditions, strained muscles, painful joints just to name a few. But also many other. Talk to your local massage therapist about benefits for you and what type of a massage can be recommended for you.