Lack of touches is putting your health on risk

Physical distancing is something that we learnt to do during times of pandemia. It is a precaution that we need to observe to stop spreading the virus. Yet the lack of human contact can be harmful for our mind. We already mentioned in a different article that people who hug at least three times a day are emotionally more balanced. The more you receive touches, the more calm and peaceful you will be. Giving touches is also very good. At Chico offers CHIco’s touch as a signature massage saying that a simple touch is all we sometimes need. And he’s right. Even touching yourself is something that might feed the hunger your body has after long time without a touch. Just try it. Sit down and gently scratch your palm with the other hand. Or pad your leg. Tickle your neck. We tend to forget how important it is to give ourselves the love we all deserve. And if you want to, send Chico a text and organize CHIco’s touch.

Positive touch of another human is an integral part of human interaction. Whether it’s a warm embrace, a reassuring hand on the shoulder or one arm linked through another, physical contact is a large part of how we feel, how we interact with others and what we think about them and ourselves as well for that matter. Human beings are made to be touched and to touch. And if we have the opportunity of being touched limited or eliminated, we might suffer from something called touch starvation. It is very similar to when you starve after food. You’d like to eat but you can’t. You won’t die (soon) but you will most probably not feel very happy. On the other hand, if you have your stomach filled with good food, you feel satisfied. With touches it is the same. Sometimes you might be wondering why you feel depressed although you did everything in that book for reducing stress and depression. You eat healthy, do regular exercises, you even stopped smoking. But you still can’t sleep at night and feel just bad. Well, maybe you just lack touches. Read the article below to help you understand how important this is: