How long should a massage last?

That is another thing nobody will give you one answer. In short, if you have a 30min massage, you will not have time to relax at all. In my own opinion, even an hour is not really enough. 5 hours of a massage will probably make you uncomfortable because you’d have to be for a long time in one position. However, if you want to try that experience, your massage therapist will probably have you turn over more times or even change tables or potentially switch to bed instead. So there are options for a 5 or 6hour massage too if you’d like to try that out once. In any case, I believe that somewhere around 2 hours is quite ideal. Especially with a relaxation massage you just don’t want to feel being rushed. And if it is a full body one, you will want to properly enjoy the whole experience. Some masseurs include even a facial massage into a relaxation massage. And there generally is not enough time to do really everything if you have only 60 minutes. And when 2 hours are just too much, you can always choose to go with 90 minutes. As a nice bonus, some therapists offer even a reduced price on the longer massages. And some studios will also offer as 4hand massage which not only is a very nice experience but also it saves time and you can probably easily go just with a 1.5 hour.