Have you ever heard about Tantra?

Many of us have probably heard the word Tantra before. But what is it actually? Some kind of weird prohibited sex? Is it some kind of positions like Kamasutra? Or it doesn’t have anything to do with sex at all? Well, let me unconfuse you. No, it is not weird prohibited sex. No, it has nothing to do with Kamasutra but there is a bit of something sexual about Tantra. But as Freud would tell you, there is a bit of sex in just about everything…:)

Tantra is more about breathing. Connecting your inner yourself with your mind. Tantric gurus can totally control their body and mind. And yes, if you master Tantra, then you can for example experience the state of mind of an orgasm for hours. Tantric sex or tantric massage doesn’t necessarily have to have anything with an orgasm though. In any case, it should not be the goal of such act. During tantric massage you can decide to rather keep the collected energy inside of you to boost up your energy level. But you can also decide to release it during an extreme orgasmic experience. There is quite a bit of a difference between a happy ending massage, sensual massage and tantric massage. Unfortunately today people mostly think that these are the same thing. And what is even a bigger shame is that the vast majority of people (mostly males) does not want anything but a hand relief or otherwise called also happy ending massage. They just don’t know what they are missing out on. Imagine that you lie naked in front of your masseuse or masseur, totally surrendering yourself to him or her. You are prepared to rediscover your deep emotions and feelings. Maybe you will cry, maybe you will laugh. Maybe you will feel heat, maybe ice. You might feel like you want to blow up. Or totally relaxed. Or you might feel all these things at the same time. Gentle touches, seducing smells, invigorating tones of relaxing music… You can’t have any expectations..because you simply don’t know what will come next. Would it be soft feathers being blown over your belly button? Or scratches on your shoulder? Maybe even a bite of your neck. Hot air blowing behind your ear. Wow. What comes next… All the excitement just raising until you can’t hold it…

Experience this unforgettable moment yourself during Chico’s tantric massage. Only per request.