Does the full body massage include really the whole body?

Yes and no. It depends on which type of a massage you go for. With your standard deep tissue massage the concentration is more on sore muscles, joints and can be performed only on one problematic area. It does not include facial massage and usually feet and especially hands are massaged only very shortly (if those are not the problematic areas). The pressure applied during deep tissue massage is also different. Sometimes even oil does not necessarily have to be used. 

A relaxation massage is much softer and uses longer strokes and more gentle touch. Some studios include also facial massage as a part of their relaxation massage, some of them don’t. Usually your hands will be massaged too using again a very gentle touch. Sometimes a part of the relaxation massage (especially if it is a longer session) there is a short meditation towards the end. 

Anti-stress massage focuses mostly on hands, feet and face. Generally there are also some extra tips and tricks for a rapid stress relief that you can manage just by yourself. Anti-headache massage is then performed only on head and face.

Honey massage is usually a full body massage while honey is used on some or all body parts. But what exactly does it mean when people say full body? As long as the massage is not in sensual version, it will not include intimate areas and glutes will be massaged only superficially. On the other hand if you upgrade your massage to the sensual version, different techniques and touches will be used as well as different oils and tools. This upgrade also means that your bum will be massaged quite thoroughly as well as intimate areas. You can always discuss with your massage therapist what exactly you like (and what you don’t). During this type of a massage you are also naked and uncovered whereas during standard massages although you can be nude, your therapist will cover you with a sheet or blanket and uncover only the part that he or she is currently working on.