Bum bum bum! Everyone likes it, we just don’t talk about it

Does your massage therapist massages also glutes? Some do, some do not. Usually they will leave them out. But why? Well, simply because glutes are usually considered part of the intimate areas. Which is a shame. Not only it is very beneficial for you, it is also extremely pleasant. And everyone knows it. “Hmm I don’t know that”, are you saying? Then you probably haven’t had your bum massaged before. Believe me, it is a bliss. Also it is very healthy. Many people don’t realize that back problems (especially lower back) can sometimes be developed because our gluteus maximus (one of the butt muscles) simply doesn’t engage when it’s supposed to. Which is mainly during walking. When you walk, what muscles or muscle groups do you think you should be using? Most of us would probably answer that we use legs. And you would be right. All the body parts that concern our legs should be used. Feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs and butt. But….we use quite often our lower back. Because our bum is not activated. So…how exactly can we activate it then? Simply. You wake up your muscles for example with cold water. If you don’t like cold water, I’m not telling you that you have to jump into frozen lake or something. Not even take cold showers if you don’t want to (although that is of course very healthy). All you need to do is just at the end of your shower turn off the warm water and suck it up for 5 seconds. You will see that eventually you get used to it and will actually like it. Not for you? Okay, I get that. How about a compromise? Just do your lower body then. I’m sure you can stand that. And when you dry yourself, give your body proper rub, that also helps.  Another thing you can also do is just sorta “knuckle” through your body. Make a fist and give your whole body (mainly again the lower body) a few gentle hits, just like soccer players do it before the game. That also wakes up your muscles. Walking barefoot activates nicely the muscles in our feet. There are some exercises you can do too. And of course a massage is a great help. Talk to your massage therapist and let them know that you would like your bum done too. You will love it! Just bear in mind that during a standard massage they will usually do your glutes either just over the sheet or if they uncover that area, it’ll still be quite short. If you want your bum massaged properly, get a sensual massage. That one will include also anus. And if I called bum massage a bliss, then believe it or not, having your anus massaged is a paradise. Try it and you’ll see yourself