A secret for a long and happy life

  • Learn to forget the past, forgive others, and yourself – if there are things or people from your past (or present) that make your life heavier, torturing yourself with these is not going to make you happy. Have you done a mistake and you regret it? Regreting it is not going to change the past. Live in this present moment.
  • Bring an attitude of gratitude into your life – I was once mad that I bought shoes that did not fit me and I couldn’t return them. Every time I put them on, I was angry. Until I met someone in the street who had no feet…
  • Let go – letting go is a skill that needs quite a bit of training. However, once you master it, you will live a happy and meaningful life. Try it. If you don’t know how, speak to your psychologist or even a massage therapist about some ways, he will help you focusing more on NOW during a meditation session and can give you some hints.