A massage with a feather? And why not!

Did you think that a massage is done only by hands? At some studios they use also all sorts of massage tools and toys. Different vibration devices or tool for back, balls and such. And if you go ahead with the sensual massage, you can be looking forward to other things such as for example ice and hot candle wax (only on request) or feathers. A feather being pulled over your neck, back, down slowly lower…Or blown with hot and cold air over your belly button… Mm that is something you just need to experience. It gives you the sense of a sensual massage. Experience the smell of beautiful candles and essential oils, enjoy the relaxing music, indulge into sensual touches that will just blow your mind. Don’t hesitate and organize a sensual Lomi-Lomi massage where the masseur is in his or her underwear using their own body to give you the massage. That is an experience which is a must for anybody who wants to live their life to the fullest and likes to treat themselves. Or try Nuru massage which is very similar, it is just even a bit more “slidy” as during this type of massage the masseur or masseuse are naked and will use mostly just their body for the massage sliding on oil on your body.  That is quite something.