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About us

A Traditional Massage & Beauty

We are offering blissful professional massages.

Let us pamper your senses with our magical touch. Both me and my college have been in the beauty industry for many years and this flows through with the quality of our treatments and the passion we show for each and every client.
We personally look after the requirements of each of our customers individually.

Having many years experience in the field of beauty, mind and body work, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also offer special services as described further.
Come and experience the unique moment of your life in just a moment.

Our Menu of Treatments is very wide so that everyone can find something for himself or herself. Didn't we fit into your needs? Just ask.

To book a treatment with Chico, Mina or both, call or text on 045 82 80 79 4 or simply fill out the form.

Current special offer

4HAND Massage



Choose a 2-hand or a 4-hand massage of different durations. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience (and the cheaper the massage).
For a 4hand massage (male and female) we provide with extra 10 mins for any of your massage treatments (minimum 90 mins) or extra 15-20 mins with any minimum 2hour massage

Honey massage

How about something a bit extraordinary and sweet:) We use special preheated mix of Blue Gum honey, essential oils and Harmony massage oil (bergamot, sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and rosewood in almond oil), chocolate candles, relaxing music... yumm! Not only this massage is very benefitial for your skin, it helps release ur mind, relax muscles...I always say that life would be boring if we were always trying something new🙃 recommended min.2 hours and in 4hand version, thats the perfect bliss!
110-190$/1 hour, 200-280$/2 hours, 290-370$/3 hours
(price varies depending on areas honey is used for)

Relaxation, deep tissue massage

Need to relax your muscles after heavy work or simply ease off your mind?
90$/1 hour, 130/1.5 hour, 170$/2 hours, 249$/3 hours

Facial/foot/hand massage and reflexology

No words can describe the pleasure of a facial massage...Or when u combine it with a hand and foot massage...mmmm
80$/30 mins, 150$/1 hour, 220$/1.5 hour

CHIco's gentle touch - SIGNATURE MASSAGE

A soft nurturing touch is sometimes all we need. Feel the energy of CHI. Feel the love. Heal your soul and spirit with a simple touch
99$/1 hour, 180$/2 hours

Non-Standard Treatments

Choose a 2-hand or a 4-hand massage of different durations. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience (and the cheaper the massage).
For a 4hand massage (male and female) we provide with extra 10 mins for any of your massage treatments (minimum 90 mins) or extra 15-20 mins with any minimum 2hour massage

Anti-stress, anti-headache massage

Can't you get rid of that permanent stress? Try it with me. 
Say good bye forever to migraines or headaches
190$/unlimited time (aka until the goal is reached)

Spiritual massages and chakra alignment, kinesiology, reiki

Energy healing sessions and chakra healing. Re-connect your mind, body and soul
190$/approx. 30 mins-1 hour, 349$/approx. 1-1.5 hours
Optional also deeper healing such as hypnotization and vaginal or anal mapping (prices upon request)


Individual or group (50$ for each extra person)

Training package

In this session you have more options to choose from, all of them tailored specially to your desires:
- Introductory: Forget about a massage course, come save some time and money with us.
-> Face2Face: 1-1.5 hour relaxation massage on you w. explanation what I'm doing (and why) and then you practice these skills on me, I give you a few extra tips and tricks
399$/3 hours (sensual version upgrade 799$)
-> Massage Trio: Would u like to bring your partner to practice on? Why not! Me as a teacher and your partner will give you as a student a massage w. explanation and then your partner will receive one from us.
399$/3 hours (sensual version upgrade 799$)
- Watch and learn: In this version I will give your partner a massage w. explanation while you will be just watching and then he or she will give one to me. You can or don't have to jump in and join at any time if you wish.
399$/3 hours (sensual version upgrade 799$)
- No partner or friend to bring along? Don't you worry! I can arrange my female college to join us for additional only 150$ (300$ in sensual version).
Any version can be silent (without explanation) if you wish so.
If you are very much interested but just can't budget for it, don't you worry. We will be happy to offer you shorter versions or provide with a discount, just send us a text on 045 82 80 79 4 and we'll figure something out for you.
Let's make your dream come true!

Lomi-Lomi massage

Are you after a Lomi-Lomi massage but our de luxe version is too...luxurious? You can just take the classical Hawaiin Lomi-Lomi massage in a non-sensual version for just 190$/1.5 hour (recommended length but possible also longer)
290$/approx. 1.5 hour, 390$/approx. 2 hours


Our best-seller is Lomi-Lomi massage, the clients have evaluated this massage with 100% satisfaction. Are you ready to take your experience to the next level? Let's begin the deep journey of healing, nurturing touch and fun


Best one

Another very popular one is anti-stress massage


Best one

The overall massage experience has been evaluated on nice


Best one

Special Deals


Student discounts: Are you under 26? Then do not hesitate and ask as for a special discount 10%

Book on the same day and get 5% of your next massage

Any 4hand massage (minimum 90mins) extra FREE 10-15 mins as a bonus and for Lomi-Lomi massage also a further 10% discount


Combo Meditation + 70 mins any standard massage: 199$ (save 41 dollars and get 10 mins extra)

Combo training package + 60 mins any standard massage: 449$ (save 40 dollars)

A package of 10 remedial massages: pay only 777$ (value 900$) and get extra 30 mins FOR FREE. ! ! ! Special offer valid only this month ! ! !

What clients say

Best massage ever


"If you want to experience the best massage you can possibly imagine, you've defo come to the right guys" Michael 31 yrs

Magical touch


"When Chico first touched me, I felt an electrical shock and my whole body started shivering. The massage was just unbelievable." Katie 49 yrs

A treat for the whole body


"I went for a full body massage and couldn't possibly wish for anything better. Chico is a proffesional and knows what he's doing. I felt regenerated, relaxed and even my everlasting sore back got much better! Will totally come again." Dennis 45 yrs

I am healed


"I had had always so much stress from work, my body was hurting, couldnt sleep at night. I wouldn't believe that a few sessions with Chico would help me with both my anxiety and stress and by sore muscles. Now I get nice sleep at night and wake up fresh and ready to roll." George 50 yrs

Soft hands


"I love his hands. Not only how soft they are but the feeling of Chico's hands on my back... And I still haven't tried his famous face massage. My friend told me it was the best part. I can't wait." Amanda 37 yrs

Peace in body and mind

"I took a 3hour session and knew that I wouldn't regret. My friend has recommended me Chico and his serrvices. From the very first moment of contact until I left his studio I knew I was in good hands. I feel like never before. Next time I'm booking anti-stress massage! Although...I feel like that's not even necessary anymore:)" Judith 29 yrs

Perfect end of the day


"Both me and my wife used to go to Chico for years every day after work for a 60minute relaxation massage, now he moved to a different country but I wish him well and can certainly recommend his services. Any of his massages are a good pick and we're looking forward for him to come back." Andrew 56 yrs and Veronica 54 yrs

Good combo with my fitness training


"I do a lot of training and combining this with sauna and massage helps me stay fit and relaxed at the same time. I like to go to Chico as I know he is really good and gives me good deals as I've been his client for so long." Troy 27 yrs

Unwind during treatment


"Before my first massage I wasn't too sure what to expect. I felt a bit nervous. Actually my Mum bought me this 2hour massage as a bday gift and I wasn't even sure I want to go. But Chico is a real proffesional and made me feel very chilled straight away. He smiles all the time, just super positive person. Obviously he asked me about my health and simply made sure everything goes smooth. He always goes that step further to make sure that every of his clients feels tip top. The massage was just soooo good. Can't wait for my next birthday:))" Autumn 19 yrs

Anything and everything


"Chico is a great man and always does his best do make everything perfect. He customizes to all the individual needs of every client and pays great attention to detail. He never gets tired. His positive energy is simply radiating and filling the whole room. Every time I only see him, I feel happy already. I've known Chico for many years and as we say in our language, I'd put my hand into the fire for this man. Honest, proffesional and so friendly. He will do anything he can to make you feel like a princess (or princ I guess hehe)." Angela 63 yrs

Satisfaction guaranteed


"I think that the fact that I would never go to anyone else speaks for itself." Alex 20 yrs



"I did the honey massage but also combined it with sensual massage. Well ladies and gentleman, let me tell you that if you think that sex is great, forget about it and go try this. That is just.....indescribable. One has to experience that. I can't imagine doing this in the 4hand version. Maybe a bit dearer but hey, I don't know how about you but this is something I'm gladly gonna spend every of my last dollar on" J. 38 yrs

5star massage


"Well, this was really the best massage I have ever had. Definitelly not the last one with this guy, I can tell ya that." Cynthia 68 yrs

Suits with every need


"Whatever we asked for, they promptly did. Any of our wishes were fulfilled. Both me and my partner were maximally satisfied." Julie 34 yrs and Charles 30 yrs



"Every single detail was perfect. Beautiful smells, relaxing music, nice table. I got water with fresh fruits and even a chocolate at the end. I was asked what type of a massage and how strong I want to have it, which areas he should leave out and simply made sure that I feel comfy. This was quite important to me. It felt like as if Chico could see in my head. If I felt that the intensity is too much, he automatically softened his touch. He knew exactly the spots that were most problematic. Is this man a magician?" Diana 51 yrs

Unforgettable massage experience


"I was just on holiday and thought I'd treat myself to something nice. I really did not expect that I won't be able to stop thinking about the massage experience that I had my last night before I flew back home. Unfortunatelly Chico lives even on a different continent so it is too far for me...Hmm or isn't it..." Kristina 58 yrs

Great massage, great price


"Every cent spent on this massage was a good investment. I went for a 4hand massage and both of my masseurs were just awesome. They made sure I feel comfortable and safe. The whole place was just super clean. And smelled so nice. And on the top of lower price for a 4hand massage they even offered me another discount for being a student. What a bargain!" Peter 22 yrs

Can I come tomorrow again please?


"After I heard Chico's Namaste and realized this is the end of my long massage, my first reaction was "When is the next available spot please?":D Johnny 77 yrs

Amazing sensual massage


"I didn't know what to expect from sensual massage but this went way behind my wildest expectations. No spoilers, just try it out yourself..." Ami 32 yrs

Holistic approach


"Chico has always been saying that he has a holistic approach to mind, body and soul. I couldn't agree more." Martin 35 yrs

Just relax, I got your back


"...says he. And so he does.:)" Robert 83 yrs



"Every single detail was perfect. Beautiful smells, relaxing music, nice table. I got water with fresh fruits and even a chocolate at the end. I was asked what type of a massage and how strong I want to have it, which areas he should leave out and simply made sure that I feel comfy. This was quite important to me. It felt like as if Chico could see in my head. If I felt that the intensity is too much, he automatically softened his touch. He knew exactly the spots that were most problematic. Is this man a magician?" Diana 51 yrs

Pretty good I'd say


"Very good massage, will come again. Good price, good atmosphere, nice music. I liked it. I just really needed to pee and was afraid to say so. He asked me before if I need to use the bathroom but I didnt go and this was a mistake." Jason 21 yrs

Couldn't be happier?


"My partner had the most original birthday present for me. He bought me every massage on Chico's menu. And all in 2hour versions. Every Friday after work I can be looking forward to the next treatment. He did even some that he doesn't list. This was I can enjoy my present for quite a few weeks. I'mloving all of them. I think that after we finish we the special programm I will just start over hehe." Sasja 48 yrs

3 hours ain't enough


"Who would have thought that after we finished the prebooked 3 hours of this remedial massage, I'd ask him for another 2 hours. And who would have thought that he was not only capable to do that but did that happily and with a smile on his face. Any other masseu would probably be completely exhausted." Mark 33 yrs

Just relax, I got your back


"...says he. And so he does.:)" Robert 83 yrs

Pure beauty


"What a charming young man Chico is. Elegant, good looking and proffesional masseus is very hard to find these days. Especially the ones who not only like what they do but do it well too. And yet, here we have him. Skillful masseu with great attitude to his job and opened to any requests you may possible have, that's Chico." Louise 41 yrs

Healing power


"There really is something very special about his massage. I if this kind of energetical wave just went through me. And then I realized he wasn't even touching me yet but just held his hands above me. That's just something I had never experienced before. And not only he helped me physically feel much better but even my emotional stressed simply...disappeared" Saskia 48 yrs

Just go for it


"Honestly you can't really go wrong with any of these treatments. And we always got a little bit something extra. Last time he surprised us with a free massage. What a kind gesture. Our whole family goes to him. And we keep recommending Chico to all our friends. He really can help. I mean...he helped even our old grandma! Such a lovely person. He never says no and is always there to help." Barbara 18 yrs, Tom 18 yrs, Manon 46 yrs, Bob 48 yrs and Wendy 88 yrs

Yes, yes and yessss!


"I always wanted to learn a bit about massage but didn't have either time or money for these expensive massage courses and schools. And then I discovered Chico's massage training package. For a fraction of the price for a course he teaches you the basics and explain everything needed. I could surprise my girlfirend with the new skills and that way we both benefit from that. He said that next time I can even bring her with me and we can do another training in three people. Amazing!" Phil 44 yrs

I probs couldn't get a better deal


"A massage with Chico means always some nice surprise. The first time I went to his 2hour relaxation massage, I felt like in heaven. The little meditation at the end was a really nice touch. The next time when he found out that it was my birthday, he gave me a massage ball as a gift. Last time I went and got extra 20 minutes for free because apparently I seemed so much liking it that he just wanted to be nice. And when I booked in for the next session straight away, he even promised me 10 % discount. Also every time I learn something new. For example he showed me how to use the massage ball and talked to me about my health issues for another half an hour. Free of charge of course." James 52 yrs

Money well spent!

"Every time I go to this great masseu I'm looking forward to the session. Why? Because I know I am not only getting quality of the service that I would expect but even more. By that I mean that he always takes time to explain me anything I need, takes really good care of me and I know that I can trust him. Which is also important to me." Monica 23 yrs

Reflexology and foot massage


"In one word, great. Will certainly come again. Who would think that by pressing a few points on my foot I get rid of my neck problems." George 50 yrs

Very helpful head massage


"Not only the anti-headache massage is helpful, it can be also extremely pleasant." Veronica 34 yrs

Would totally recommend mapping


"Before I came to Chico, I have only heard about mapping. Having deppresions and traumas from childhood has always been a deep issue for me and only thanks to mapping I could finally heal. Thank you, Chico, for saving me." Lisa 46 yrs

Divine massage


"I can see the power of CHI in his personality but when it comes to a massage....uff, that is something!" Carla 29 yrs

Fond of an indulging massage experience?


"You know who to call..." Bryan 30 yrs


What shall I be wearing?

-You can wear anything you feel the most comfortable in. 

Does that mean I could be nude?

Yes. However, during a standard massage you will be covered with a towel or blanket and we uncover only the part that we are currently massaging. Only during our special Lomi-Lomi massage you are covered just at the beginning and after a while we uncover your whole body (unless you wish to stay covered)

Can I pay with cash?

-You can choose between paying with cash or transferring the money, payment with credit card is not possible at the moment.

How much are the massages?

-Please refer to our Menu of treatments and also our Special deals, you might be eligible for a discount.

Is it hygienical?

-We maintain very high standards of hygiene, all areas and tools are always washed and disinfected

What happens if I can't make it for my appointment?

-No worries, if you are just late and we don't have other clients, we won't cut your session short. If you decide to cancel, you need to let us know min. 24 hours prior your scheduled appt. and we will be happy to rebook you for another time

Can I have my massage at home?

-Totally. Just talk to us and we arrange an out-call massage for you. Generally this services is for small fee.

Is it a male or female massage therapist?

-Currently we have both options available-male and female. You can have either or even both at the same time during our unique 4hand massage. However, this offer might change in the future and it will most probably remain only with male masseur.

Do I need to bring anything with me or prepare myself somehow?

-Not at all, you don't need anything. Just come over and we take care of the rest:)

Am I getting proffesional service?

-Yes, our masseus are educated, trained and highly proffesional.

Are you discrete?

-Absolutely! Privacy of our clients is one of our most important policies.

Do you massage my whole body?

-Most of our massages are a full body massage. We ask you to let us know please if there are any specific areas you would like to leave out or rather concentrate on more. However, we do not massage intimate areas during our classical relaxation massage. We pay closer attention to those areas and bum during our sensual Lomi-Lomi massage where different techniques are combined

Do you choose which clients you accept?

-No, we value all of our customers. However, we reserve the right to refuse those clients who are feeling unwell (especially due to current Covid19 restrictions). We will also not accept inapropriate behaviour.

Can I use my own oil?

-You sure can but it is not necessary to bring one. We are equipped with good quality oils that smell nice and are healthy for your skin as well as not too greasy. For special massages we also use our signature mix of sensual oils

13 + 15 =

* Please before the treatment itself let us know whether you'd like a very light, light, medium, strong or very strong massage. We can adjust to any specific needs you might have. Our techniques can vary from slow to dynamic in rhythm, deep or light in pressure etc. We always do our best to suit all your requests!
** Also please phone us or text us (do not email) if you need to reschedule your appt. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to your session and no-shows will incur a 50% cancellation fee. If you are late and we don't have other clients, just let us know and we won't cut the treatment shorter as we want you to enjoy the massage fully
(For payment cash is preferred; or alternatively you may choose to bank transfer by prior agreement)
*** By booking for a massage treatment you agree to inform your therapist about any allergies, injuries, surgeries and/or illnesses (such as cancer, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, joint problems, high/low blood pressure, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, stroke, heart attack, kidney dysfunction, blood clots, numbness, sprains or strains, fractures etc.) and any medication that you take.
You also agree and understand that you will be touched by the therapist and if there are any areas on your body that you would like the therapist to leave out, kindly inform him or her about that prior the massage
**** All the information that you provide is confidential. Your privacy is important to us.